Executive Director

Worldwide Full-time Allows remote


The Executive Director of OWASP Foundation will be responsible for the following roles and responsibilities.

Performance evaluation in relation to the identified roles and responsibilities will be considered relative to the following four capacities:  Leadership, Adaptive, Management, and Technical. 

Role:  Provide continuing pro-active leadership to the Charitable Organization Board and staff to ensure that Charitable Organization’s vision, mission and funding priorities respond to current community needs.

Related Responsibilities:

  1. Outline a strategic framework that will assist the Board and staff to implement OWASP Foundation values, principles, vision and mission.
  2. Develop and implement a process to collect input and information on client and community needs that will help OWASP Foundation determine its goals and priorities.
  3. Seek, investigate and initiate pro-active initiatives (i.e. objectives) that address the implementation of OWASP Foundation strategic goals and service priorities.
  4. Convene, facilitate and initiate new community collaborative efforts that address OWASP Foundation role as a provider of services that 3000 members around the world and a global community of users.
  5. Provide leadership for key community initiatives that focus on long term community impact and promote sustainability in the programs and services we provide.
  6. Serve as the primary spokesperson for OWASP Foundation to the community.
  7. Be a resource to the Board and staff in identifying local, regional and national trends that could impact OWASP Foundation.


Role:  Serve as the chief administrator for OWASP Foundation.

Related Responsibilities:

  1. Develop and implement procedures that ensure compliance with OWASP Foundation policies and principles.
  2. Assume responsibility for all financial and operational functions of OWASP Foundation.
  3. Engage, supervise, lead and evaluate staff.
  4. Participate in the development and then implement pro-active strategies consistent withOWASP Foundation strategic plan.
  1. Develop, refine and implement the OWASP Foundation. business plan.
  2. Focus the program’s mission, strategic and business plans and operating procedures with a primary goal of long-term sustainability of OWASP Foundation..
  3. Develop a reporting mechanism detailed to the strategic plan that clearly shows progress toward performance (i.e. the Dashboard model) and provides the board with the information needed to make good decisions for the organization.


Role:  Serve as a leader at the local, regional, state and national level on behalf of our target clients.

Related Responsibilities:

  1. Educate and advocate regarding the purpose and role of OWASP Foundation. and the impact of its work.
  2. Collaborate, and facilitate collaboration between others, to benefit the community.
  3. Represent OWASP Foundation and its clients as appropriate in initiatives.
  4. Serve in leadership roles in the region (ad hoc and permanent).
  5. Serve on statewide committees that have an impact inOWASP Foundation service region.
  6. Serve as a conduit to attract new and increased resources to OWASP Foundation service area.


Role:  Create, develop and manage programs and services to meet OWASP Foundation mission.

  1. Maintain current information regarding the needs of clients and the community within the service region
  2. Collaborate with other providers to facilitate a network of services
  3. Develop and implement an ongoing evaluation program to measure outcomes and impact to include new, innovative, mission-driven programs establishing OWASP Foundation as a leader in its field.
  4. Operate with the highest possible levels of mutual trust, confidentiality and confidence
  5. Communicate directly, openly and regularly with all clients, constituents and the community.


Role: Create, develop and implement a Communications & Resource Development Plan that ensures OWASP Foundation services are known to the breadth of people that need them and to expand awareness of OWASP Foundation  to grow private and public funding of Charitable Organization’s programs and services.


  1. Create a system of communication that increases awareness of OWASP Foundation programs and services to potential clients and supporters.
  2. Create and implement an annual resource development plan, the annual campaign, to diversify contributions, especially to increase ongoing donations from individuals.
  3. Identify potential corporate donors and initiate a regular communication strategy.
  4. Identify and pursue new sources of public funding.